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Donna Lee Michas on Turn down
Most unusual shadow shot. Kudos.

yvanmarn on flirt
super fotografija, čestitam!

pierre on flirt
A rain of stars in water.. So nice !

tamas on flirt

Idea-Listic on The Gang
predobra streetara!!!!

Idea-Listic on flirt
UUuuuuuu, jebeno dobra fotka. : ) stručni žargon

k@ on flirt
Extraordinary photo !!

Luis A. De Jesus R. on alone...
Contrasty and detail with the child come across strong with the BW. Nice work.

k@ on Wild at heart
Hi ya ! Thks for your visits & comments - my pleasure ! (great rock attitude-like self portrait !) See U*

Ken on alone...
Very emotional B&W, Zmajeva.

kooshan on alone...
nice feeling and wierd pasparto ( if you could call it ) great moving light and shadows i'll appreciate it if ...

k@ on alone...
Beautiful & moving, your B&W are masterpieces*

k@ on Turn down
What a delight ***

k@ on Grandmother
This serie is hearbreaking. She is who we will be, one day......... ~ 

k@ on Shy boy
Maybe my fav at your place (but they are so many good pieces of art) bravo for the way you SEE***

k@ on In the desert...
Love the joy... in the desert (great philosophy)

k@ on Bathing
I'm swimming in your portfolio and enjoy it a lot. It's not the first time it won't be the last See ...

k@ on violinist
You know what ? I love the emotion here ~ 

Lou on violinist
Love this ! It brings out a mixture of emotions. Would want to hear him play :(

Shalique SaJoy on In the desert...
I Love this photo very good love it

Shalique SaJoy on violinist
I love this Photo it is very good and it caught my eye. Nice Work

donda on Grandmother
Bravo devojcice, sjajnooooo!

milica(Lahesa) on Grandmother
Fotografija je savršena.Iz nje zrači ljubav i toplina.

Manu on Grandmother
great shot. congratulations!

Geoff Stickle on Bicycles
Very nice! Awesome silhouettes.

LauraS on Grandmother
Wonderful portrait.

Rags on Grandmother
This image is one of the best images i have seen in a long time.

Veronique on portrait on the window
I very much like old people portraits. I think they have so much of there life just waiting to be read and looked at. I ...

Sarito on portrait on the window
Excellent portrait, lighting and the colour choice is perfect!

manolo on portrait on the window
très beau portrait

He who cares on Roller
Divlja,fotografije su fenomenalne!

WABIKOJA on Roller
A fascinating, and very nicely captured, photograph.

vaysse on Roller
zmajeva, j'aime tellement vos photos, répondez mois s'il vous plait... zmajeva, so I love your photos, ...

bluechameleon on Roller
Wow! This is just fantastic! The blurred figures like the zig-zagging lines on the pavement! Bravo!

ZmAjEvA on Turn down
A to si bre ti! :P

donda on Turn down
Hahahahaaa, donda iz Avganistana! Iz Srbije brale, Beograda grada ! :P :))))))

donda on Turn down
Ovo je jedna fenomenalna fotka!!!Uzasno me podseca na Shagala!Cesto joj se vracam i cudim! Neverovatno! Bravo zmajeva ...

VAYSSE on Roller
Hello, I'm sorry you unsubscribe from LastFM. This is my fault? I still photos. I have a canon eos, but I can not ...

Ian Bramham on Roller
That's a brilliant photo....fantastic composition and use of line!

Lally on Bicyclist
amazing shot.. now that is a trick! the shadow really adds to the shot

Jeffster on Bicyclist
Nice lighting & shadow.

J on Bicyclist

Damon Schreiber on Yellow house

Damon Schreiber on Sidi Bu Said
Excellent shot - the colours especially.

Kheoh Yee Wei on Sidi Bu Said
Well done on capturing the blue elements altogether.

tetsu on Sidi Bu Said
Wow!!!! So beautiful world!

robi on The Old Way
prejebeno dobra fotka! ove naočale daju dodatnih 3'% šarma i atmosfere...

Idea-Listic on Boiler
aaaaaaa, fantazija!

Luis A. De Jesus R. on In the desert...
I wonder what he was saying to you. Beautiful exotic country.

Luis A. De Jesus R. on Desert lady...
Good balance on the color and lighting. A worthy portrait.

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